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At Rocky Mountain Labs, You Have Choices

We think you should be in charge of the decisions that affect your health. That’s why we offer affordable options for all our lab tests. You can use your insurance if you have a doctor’s order, but what if you want to order your own test? And what if your insurance won’t cover the test you want? Perhaps you have a high deductible? Or a health savings account? Or no insurance? It doesn’t matter to us, you’ll get the best pricing no matter how you pay. It’s up to you: what you order, how you pay, and when you have your labs drawn.

Which tests do you need?

  1. Have a doctor’s order? Great!
  2. Want to pick your own tests? Browse our Test Directory and take charge of your health.

When would you like to have your blood drawn?

  1. Want to schedule an appointment? Great! Call 303.552.0657.
  2. Want to walk-in without an appointment? No problem. See our hours and location.

How do you want to pay?

  1. Order your tests online and pay when you come in for the blood draw. This self-pay option offers discounted pricing.
  2. Use your insurance. If you owe a portion after we file you can call to pay your balance.