Luteinizing Hormone (Lh)


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Luteinizing hormone (LH) is a hormone associated with reproduction (ovulation and testosterone production). This test measures the amount of luteinizing hormone in the blood or urine.

In adults, LH (and FSH) tests may be ordered when:

  • A woman is having difficulty getting pregnant or has an irregular or absent menstrual cycle
  • It is suspected that a woman has entered menopause and her menstrual cycle has stopped or become irregular
  • A man’s partner cannot get pregnant
  • A man is suspected of having low testosterone levels
  • A health practitioner suspects that a pituitary disorder is present

In children, LH and FSH may be ordered when a boy or girl does not appear to be entering puberty at an appropriate age.

Requirements: The timing of a woman’s sample will be correlated with her menstrual cycle.

CPT Code:  83002

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