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Choose from a variety of blood tests, including a basic wellness profile to an expanded sports performance panel. Or, select á la carte testing for more specific results like nutrition, anemia, or thyroid.  Our certified phlebotomists will draw your blood and you’ll be able to receive your results securely online. 

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Basic Health Profile


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A simple blood test can identify disorders like anemia, infection, diabetes and high cholesterol.
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Comprehensive Health Profile


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An in-depth health panel that includes the Basic Health Profile plus thyroid (TSH), hormone, and organ-specific chemistry tests.
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Sports Performance Profile


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A complete blood test to ensure optimal nutritional, electrolyte, chemical and hormone balance for the athlete.
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Anemia Profile


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Identifies anemia and other blood related disorders.
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Basic Nutrition Profile


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Is your body maximizing the proteins, fats, and iron in your diet? This test establishes a baseline to determine what diet changes, vitamins or supplements may be needed.
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Expanded Thyroid Profile


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Thyroid imbalances may cause changes in mood, weight, and energy level. A comprehensive thyroid panel including: TSH, Free T4, Total T3, TPO.
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Expanded Hormone Profile


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A thorough hormone test customized for women or men. Add this on to the basic health panel or order alone for a comprehensive hormone evaluation.
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